The Steelers & 53-Man Roster Predictions: Preseason Week 2

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Kicker (1), Punter (1), Long Snapper (1)

Shaun Suisham, Brian Moorman, Greg Warren

Suisham and Warren basically have their jobs secured unless they absolutely crap the bed during the next three weeks.  I do hope the Steelers keep Danny Hrapmann on speed-dial if Suisham struggles like he did back in 2011.  I think that Drew Butler could be on his way out of town, especially if veteran Brian Moorman out-duels him like I think he will over the coming weeks.

Practice Squad (8)

Brian Arnfelt & Nick Williams (DE), Terence Garvin (ILB), Alan Baxter (OLB), Reggie Dunn (KR/SB), Alvester Alexander (RB), Mike Golic, Jr. & Chris Hubbard (OL)

Developmental depth at linebacker and along the offensive line should be a big part of Pittsburgh’s practice squad.  I just hope that Pittsburgh’s brass can re-sign guys talented yet raw guys like Arnfelt, Williams, Baxter, Garvin, and Dunn if they are indeed cut after the final week of the preseason.  Golic, Jr. and Hubbard could develop into some solid backups for the Steelers in time, and both could stand to use an entire season of working on their technique and putting on some mass (particularly Hubbard).

A season on the practice squad would benefit a player like Dunn in particular, especially because it would allow the speedster to settle into a position/role on the offensive side of the ball.  As far as Alexander is concerned, the Steelers will probably carry one running back on the practice squad for “break glass in case of emergency” depth.  If they do not use up a spot on a running back though, Tomlin & Co. could add Fangupo to the practice squad if he is still eligible or a cornerback.

Final Thoughts

Don’t worry readers, I did not forget about Sean Spence.  While nothing would make me happier to see the youngster return to action this fall, I would much rather see him placed on IR for the 2013 campaign so he can rehabilitate his injured knee for another year before he can compete for a backup job and special teams duties in 2014.  Due to the gruesome nature of his injury, I would rather see the coaching and medical staffs err on the side of caution regarding the former Miami Hurricane than anything else.

Anyway, I hope that this list sparks some debate between you readers.  Share in the comments section below what you liked or did not like about this list, and discuss why you feel that particular way.

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