Would the Steelers Really Trade Jerricho Cotchery?


I certainly hope that the Steelers don’t trade Cotchery. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This morning, Jason “Lazy Eye” Canfora had some interesting things to say about the Pittsburgh Steelers, their wide receiver corps, and the NFL’s preseason trade market:

"I could see the Steelers shopping Jerricho Cotchery, for instance, and finding a better market than they had anticipated.  The free-agent market has been picked apart, and there isn’t much there."

I understand that the Steelers could very well get something in the form of a 6th to 7th round pick for Cotchery.  And yes, I completely agree that Pittsburgh will need as many draft choices as they can get their collective hands on during the next few seasons.  Yet I really hope that Pittsburgh’s brass does not consider unloading a player like Cotchery and a position like wide receiver.

Granted, I like the type of skill-set that Markus Wheaton has, and I love the size that Justin Brown and Derek Moye can bring to the table.  But I also know that Emmanuel Sanders is injury-prone, and I know that if Manny or Brown goes down and Cotchery is absent to boot, then all three of these rookies will be thrust into starting or significant roles this fall.

Is Cotchery a “Pro Bowl-caliber” player at this point in his career?  No, not in the least.

Yet he possesses a set of reliable hands, is a smart and savvy veteran pass-catcher who can bestow his wisdom on the younger players, and is on the roster at a cheap price.  Overall, Cotchery is a solid receiver for Pittsburgh to bridge the “rebuilding gap” with until the younger players are set to emerge in 2014 and beyond.

While La Canfora might have a point that Cotchery could garner interest on the trade market, I would have a hard time believing that the Steelers’ brass would be ready to trust Wheaton, Moye, Brown, and the other numbers of inexperienced pass-catchers on their roster just yet.

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