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Some dude named Brady hurt his knee the other day at practice in New England and the sports media-world damned near exploded but holy hell what happened Thursday at Steelers Training Camp?!  “Injured Running Backs” is not really the type of headline Steelers fans want to see right now.  Apparently Thursday’s practice was brutal for the running back corps.  Here’s the rundown of the damage along with what else is being said about your Pittsburgh Steelers around the block.

Redman and Bell suffer injuries in practice

Gasp!  What the hell happened out there?  According to Coach Tomlin following Thursday’s afternoon practice, Isaac Redman left early due to sustaining a stinger courtesy of LB Larry Foote.  Le’Veon Bell, whose preseason debut is anxiously being awaited after he was held out of the Giants game with knee soreness apparently, re-aggravated the injury today as well.  I don’t know about you, but I’m worried.  After being told how “minor” his knee injury was for the Giants game and how it was purely precautionary to hold him out of the game it’s tough to hear that he’s at a point now where his status has to be evaluated.  I’ve heard the PPG’s Ed Bouchette comment that the Steelers “don’t get it done” this year without Bell.  Now “getting it done” could mean anything from finishing above the 8-8 disappointment last season was to winning the Super Bowl.  Either way, I’m wishing Bell a speedy recovery and the same to Redman.  As Dom pointed out yesterday, this opens the door for Jonathan Dwyer to earn some more playing time Monday night in Washington, although Tomlin has yet to announce how long the starters will remain in the game.

Ben and Todd are apparently bros now

Everyone’s favorite reporter, Jason La Canfora was at Steelers training camp this week weaseling himself into quotes and rumors that he can crap into a story.  Obviously, always wanting to report on rumors and story-lines rather than actual facts and events, La Canfora had to comment on the ever-growing relationship between Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley.  La Canfora reported that, “according to a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers organization” Ben and Todd enjoyed some brews together in the dorms while watching “Shark Week”.  Sweet, now they’re bros.  Now I can sleep through the night because I had been tossing and turning since Ben failed to call Todd last summer after Haley was named as the new OC.  If I never hear about Ben and Todd and their “relationship” again, I’ll be a happy Kimmy.

Seven Steelers needing a good game in Washington

Behind The Steel Curtain gives us seven names of Steelers players in camp you might consider on the bubble to make the roster.  The second preseason game is typically a game in which the starters might play a little longer but some players that are on the cusp of making the first roster cut might see some more playing time to aid in the evaluation of them.  Here’s their list of who needs to shine Monday night, see if you agree.

  1. DE Nick Williams
  2. CB Terry Hawthorne
  3. LT Joe Long
  4. NT Alameda Ta’amu
  5. RB Jonathan Dwyer
  6. ILB Stevenson Sylvester
  7. WR David Gilreath

What are your thoughts, Steeler Nation?  How worried are you about the running back injuries?  How stoked are you to know that Ben and Todd are bros?  Who else do you think is on the bubble for the Monday night game?

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