When it comes to games, seasons and personnel decisions it is always easy to say after the fact what th..."/> When it comes to games, seasons and personnel decisions it is always easy to say after the fact what th..."/>

Lack of Depth Due to Steelers Off Field Decisions May Haunt 2013 Season

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Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Bruce Gradkowski (5) brings much needed youth to the back up quarterback position. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 Roster Had Things According to My Plan (Starters in Bold)

Running Backs

Bradshaw, Stephens Howling, Redman, Dwyer, Will Johnson


Roethlisberger, Gradkowski, Quinn

Offensive Line

Starks, Foster, Pouncey, Decastro, Adams, Beachum, Colon, Gilbert

Tight Ends

Miller, Eifert, Paulson, (D. Johnson or whomever until Miller returns)

Wide Receivers

Brown, Sanders, Wheaton, Cotchery, Justin Brown (Burress out with injury)

Defensive Line

Keisel, McClendon, Heyward, Woods, Ta’amu, 6th spot open for competition Arnfelt or Fangupo

Outside Linebackers

Harrison, Woodley, Worilds, Robinson, Simon

Inside Linebackers

Timmons, Arthur Brown, Vince Williams, Bryan Rolle, M. McFadden


Taylor, Lewis, Cortez Allen, Curtis Brown, the remaining spot open to competition


Polamalu, Clark, Thomas, remaining spot open for competition

Special Teams

Greg Warren long snapper, Brain Moorman punter, Shaun Suisham kicker

Ziggy Hood, like Rashard Mendenhall, has been a disappointing #1 pick. Like Mendenhall the Steelers should not re-sign Hood for 2014. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Competition for a Few Roster Spots

That is 50 players with 3 open spots left which most likely would be between cb Josh Victorian and Terry Hawthorne, wr’s D.J. Woods or Derek Moye and linebackers Alan Baxter and Kion Wilson.  I will also add that Baron Batch, Chris Carter and Ziggy Hood most likely would be casualties as I feel none has shown much if anything as a Steeler. Hood flashed in his first year but has been the worst ranked 3-4 defensive end by Pro Football Focus over the last 3 years. Pro Football Focus also shows that Cameron Heyward has statistically out performed Hood with much less playing time. It is time to give Heyward his shot and to move on from Hood.