Lack of Depth Due to Steelers Off Field Decisions May Haunt 2013 Season

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The Drafting of Jarvis Jones Essentially Cost the Steelers 3 Players

By targeting linebacker Jarvis Jones (95) in the draft -which has always been a draft taboo, it cost the Steelers 3 players: James Harrison, Tyler Eifert and Jason Worilds. Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Cutting and not re-signing James Harrison and targeting Jarvis Jones in the larger picture have cost the Steelers 3 players: James Harrison, Tyler Eifert and Jason Worilds. No matter what happens with Worilds this year chances are he will not be a Steeler next year. If he has a great year he will sign elsewhere as a free agent. If he has a bad year he will sign elsewhere because his starting days in Pittsburgh would be over. Worilds was an excellent back up to Woodley as he flashed when given the opportunity to play opposite James Harrison. Worilds was practically invisible when he filled in for Harrison opposite Woodley.

With my off season decisions the Steelers have Gilbert, Colon and  Beachum as swing tackles with Colon and Beachum also as guard back ups plus Beachum can play center. Does anyone think the Steelers current reserve offensive lineman: Whimper, Beachum and Malecki are better? The tight end situation is a mess and could easily have been avoided if they had taken the Heath Miller clone Tyler Eifert. Bradshaw and Stephens Howling are perfect backs for the zone scheme blocking as Dwyer and Redman are perfect for the grind it out running attack. Gradkoswki and Quinn as the back ups with both experiencing some success as starters in this league.

Steelers running back LaRod Stephens-Howling (34) could be a pleasant surprise for the Steelers now that they are going to employ the zone blocking scheme. Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

What I have outlined, a roster with excellent depth could have easily – easily been the Steelers roster for 2013. Also it could have weakened both the Ravens and the Bengals as James Harrison, Tyler Eifert, Arthur Brown and John Simon would all be Steelers. Instead they will all be playing against the Steelers for years to come.

Just because I am full of optimism – as everyone is with a new season right around the corner, I still remember the pain I felt this entire off season when the Steelers made so many head scratching moves. It is easy to assess the damage after the fact. I have taken it upon myself to assess it before the season starts. I hope that I have never been more wrong.