Mike Tomlin Apparently Won’t Push “Panic Button”


Sep 16, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin on the sidelines during the second quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

"“We’re not going to push the panic button.”-Mike Tomlin referring to his strategy after Pittsburgh’s 0-2 start"

And the “Sound Byte King” strikes again, ladies and gentlemen!

Let me just say that I was not surprised when I read that quote from Mike Tomlin’s most recent press conference in an article by Ray Fittipaldo of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

In fact, spewing ridiculousness seems to have always been “the standard” during the Tomlin regime.  So why should Pittsburgh’s head coach do or say anything differently now?

I am not a football expert by any means, but I believe that the following would cause most N.F.L. head coaches to push the proverbial “panic button” after two regular season games:

  • One sack and zero turnovers forced by a supposedly stout defense.
  • 19 total points scored by the offense, seven of which came in garbage time on opening day.
  • Starting center, tight end, inside linebacker, and third down-back lost for the season due to injuries.
  • Starting number two cornerback is hobbled with an ankle problem, and starting running back sidelined with bum foot.
  • Offensive line is a complete “dumpster fire” that has allowed seven sacks.
  • Running back-by committee experiment is an utter failure, 75 rushing yards through first two games.
  • Offensive personnel is being utilized incorrectly.  Markus Wheaton and Derek Moye are sitting in favor of sub-par fullbacks and tight ends.
  • Team has posted a -4 turnover ratio.

Look, I really hate to be a “Negative Nancy.”  Yet one must ask what frame of mind Tomlin is in if he is not panicking over the aforementioned issues.  With the recent comments like Tomlin’s in mind though, it is apparent why this team is such an undisciplined mess.

If the head coach is unwilling to call out his team or not illustrate that the efforts of his players and his staff are not “up to par,” then how are these players or  held to any sort of accountability when things are as bleak as they are now?

I cannot say that the idiocy and lackadaisical nature of Tomlin’s comments surprise me.  I guess that we will just have to see how low this franchise will sink with Tomlin at the helm for him to actually “push” the “panic button.”  With the way things have unraveled with him in charge as of late however, we will be able to see what “rock bottom” is sooner as opposed to later.

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