The Steelers and Their Complaints About Officiating Are Pathetic


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In the middle of the third quarter of last night’s loss, offensive tackle Marcus Gilbert was called for “tripping” on what could have been a catch-and-run of 33 yards by Antonio Brown.  Some of Pittsburgh’s players were befuddled by the call, but it was Gilbert who took time during his post-game interview to piss and moan about what occurred on that play according to Mark Kaboly of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

"I can’t believe they made that call, … If I was intentionally throwing my leg out there it would’ve been so obvious. They blew that call bad. We had the momentum going."

Really, Marcus?  Really?  Although the call was ticky-tack, anyone with a pair of functioning eyes could see how you clearly tried to hinder Johnson with your legs on the play.

Did you completely roll yourself into him with your legs?  No.  But the intent to hinder him in a tripping fashion was evident.  Moreover, if there is any group of players who should rightfully complain, it is Cincinnati’s defensive ends who were being held by you and your turnstile tackle-mate Mike Adams throughout the game.

If you want to blame anybody for the loss, you might be wise to point the finger elsewhere, Mr. Gilbert

  • Blame your defensive players for recording only one sack and forcing zero turnovers through the first eight quarters of the 2013 regular season.
  • Blame your quarterback for his scatter-shot accuracy.
  • Blame your tight end for fumbling in the red zone after a catch and run of 30+ yards in the first quarter.
  • Blame your offensive coordinator for his improper use of personnel.
  • Blame Ryan Clark for being one of the worst safeties in professional football right now.
  • Blame your head coach who possesses less motivational skills than a manager of a lemonade stand at a local mall.
  • Heck, blame your team for actually letting the penalty affect them when there was over a quarter of football left to play.

Complaining about penalties are normally what teams with a lack of talent and poor discipline do to explain away why they are awful.  Sadly for the Steelers, they are an under-talented team that possesses almost zero discipline, so this type of behavior is not only common, but encouraged.  Gilbert’s comments simply reinforce the fact that this roster is littered with players and coaches who will try at all costs to place blame everywhere but themselves.

Unfortunately for those of you in “Steeler Nation,” Gilbert and his attitude is the “new normal” in Pittsburgh until the necessary changes are made.

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