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Many have now “abandoned ship” in terms of their belief in the 2013 Pittsburgh Steelers, and I cannot blame them.  This team is an undisciplined mess, and their “egg laying” during a winnable game on Monday Night Football caused them to drop even more in numerous pundits’ NFL Power Rankings:

"The Steelers are becoming irrelevant for the first time since the Pirates weren’t.-Mike Florio (Pro Football Talk, Ranked #29)"

Florio’s comment is sad but true.  In fact, 1991 marked the last year that the “Buccos” made the postseason and the Steelers did not.  If it happens again this fall, I just hope that Pittsburgh’s baseball team can at least advance past the National League Championship Series.

"The Steelers can’t run the ball and don’t have receivers who that are big enough or physical enough to get open consistently in this league.-Brian Billick (, Ranked #27)"

Billick brought up an interesting point about Pittsburgh’s wide receivers, and I actually agree with him.  Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders, and Jerricho Cotchery do lack the size and strength to be “go-to-guys” for their quarterback, and their deficiencies have become even more evident with Heath Miller out of the lineup and Mike Wallace in Miami.

"They are just too limited on offense right now.  They lack a running game and a tight end who can open up the middle.  That’s asking too much of Ben Roethlisberger.-Pete Prisco (CBS, Ranked #23)"

The Steelers fell two spots in Prisco’s most recent rankings, and I cannot argue with the drop.  In fact, Prisco simply illustrated the obvious: Pittsburgh’s offense has nothing in terms of effective tight ends and running backs.  Without those weapons, any quarterback will suffer.

"From 2009-2012, the Steelers sacked opposing quarterbacks on 6.9 percent of dropbacks, the second-highest rate in the league.  Pittsburgh’s 1.4 sack percentage ranks 30th this (Week 3 PRs, Ranked #25)"

The Steelers went from #23 to #25 in ESPN’s most recent rankings, and I am extremely glad that they brought up how pathetic the team’s pass-rush has been during the first two weeks.  This team spent $61.5 million to lock up LaMarr Woodley long-term two years ago, a second round pick in 2010 on Jason Worilds, and a first round pick on Jarvis Jones in April.  Sadly, their investments have netted a total of one sack through the first two games.

"Can’t believe the Pittsburgh Steelers are at No. 29.  Un- REAL.  But given their 0-2 record, their 75 combined rushing yards through two contests, and their continued trouble protecting the pocket, I have no choice but to slide them into this space.  At this point, a 6-10 finish is very possible. Now, there are a lot of prideful players on this squad – Troy Polamalu, Brett Keisel, Ryan Clark, Ben Roethlisberger – so a turnaround is possible.  Still, right now, the Steelers are playing poorly, and that can’t be ignored.-Elliot Harrison (, Ranked #29)"

I think Harrison put the Steelers in a perfect spot at #29 overall.  They cannot run the football with any effectiveness, and their offensive line is a joke once again.  Harrison however gives this team too much credit when he says that the “prideful” veterans will right the sinking ship known as the 2013 Steelers.  This is a four-win team at best with the talent that they have on offense, and they could finish with even less if their defense cannot create pressure and force turnovers.

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