Steelers Morning Huddle 9/18/2013


We’re going “no-huddle” Huddle up!

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Lots of anger in Steeler Nation today. I suspect it’s going to last a while. Maybe we can try to find some positives? We sure will try. Until then, here’s what’s being said about your Pittsburgh Steelers around the block.

Tomlin Press Conference

Even the Steelers played a Monday night game, yesterday was still Tomlin Tuesday as it was time to get back to business already, learn from the mistakes, go through the injuries, and set up for the next game. Tomlin’s first comment was a painfully obvious one.

"“The most significant reason we’re 0-2 is we’re not scoring enough points. Nineteen points in two football games is not going to win a lot of football in this league. If you would have told me we’d score 19 points through the first two ball games I would have told you we’d have an opportunity to 0-2. We understand that and we are working hard to rectify that.” – Mike Tomlin"

On the injury front there were no serious injuries from the game that should keep any of the players out additional time. On a positive injury note, both Le’Veon Bell and Heath Miller are expected to fully participate in practice this week. Tomlin realizes that the return of Miller won’t automatically translate to success for the Steelers.

"“We’re not expecting Heath to step out of a phone booth with a cape on.”"

There weren’t a ton of positives to gain from Monday night’s performance, or the position the Steelers currently find themselves. Tomlin did see encouragement from Felix Jones’ rushing performance, who let the team in rushing with a whopping 37 yards on 10 carries.

Jerome Bettis want more no-huddle

Clearly he means from the Steelers offense and not my daily updates here. The Steelers offense appeared to put their best offensive foot forward Monday night when Ben was running the no-huddle 2minute drill offense to end the first half. So naturally, with how dysfunctional the offense has actually been so far, it’s only natural to think that’s the best way for them to go moving forward. That’s what new ESPN analyst and former Steeler Jerome Bettis thinks, anyway. You can listen to his clip from NFL Live here.

Steelers continue to drop in Power Rankings

Another week’s worth of Power Rankings are at around the league and there’s no surprise that the Steelers continue to plummet towards the bottom. Fox Sports has the Steelers dropping from 26 to 27. ESPN’s Power Rankings dropped the Steelers down to 25 from their 23rd spot a week ago. Over on they were not very kind at all to the Steelers as they now sit as the 29th ranked team, just ahead of Oakland, Cleveland, and Jacksonville. Ouch. CBS Sports has the most positive outlook for the Steelers putting them at their 23rd spot, down from 21st last week.

What are your thoughts Steeler Nation?

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