Veterans Meet About 0-2 Start, Will It Help the Steelers?


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Scott Brown of reported earlier today that a group of Pittsburgh’s veterans met this morning to discuss their lackluster 0-2 start to the 2013 regular season.

Ben Roethlisberger described in the article why the meeting took place, and stated the following:

"It’s not like it’s a magic solution and we’re going to talk and everything’s going to be fixed, … It’s more just about getting together and coming up with solutions because that’s the thing we feel we should do as leaders."

I at least give credit to the veterans on the roster like Roethlisberger and Ryan Clark for caring enough to meet up and discuss their issues at hand.  Motivating themselves for a stretch-run will be key, because there obviously doesn’t appear to be anything other than meaningless “sound bytes” coming from their head coach’s direction.

Still, one has to wonder whether or not this team’s problems are actually “fixable” in a short-frame of time.

Remember readers, the defense has only recorded one sack and has yet to force a single turnover in eight quarters of regular season play.  The offense is in an even more troubled state with tensions running high between certain players and coaches.  In addition to those petty issues, the offensive line has struggled to pass-protect and run-block, Heath Miller is still sidelined, and the team has yet to find a solution at the running back position.

Regardless of how “fixable” the problems are, the Steelers must press forward through their final 14 regular season games.  Whether the recent meeting will get this team on the right track is certainly up for debate.  What is not up for debate however is the fact that this team needs to be nudged in the right direction by its veterans after an awful 0-2 start.

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