Week Three Drinking Game: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Chicago Bears


Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

After their 0-2 start, some in “Steeler Nation” have started to doubt their favorite professional football team.  I cannot say that I blame them, and I can totally understand why some have grown restless with how poorly this team has performed.

I know that both of Pittsburgh’s games were “ugly” from performance perspectives, and some would even consider them difficult to watch.  “Ugliness” aside, I always keep my television “on” when the Steelers perform poorly.

In fact, “to make lemonade out of lemons,” I have created a drinking game for some of you members of “Steeler Nation” to play during tonight’s game against the Chicago Bears.

So for you “21 and over” fans in need of some relief, take a sip, drink, or even chug of your adult beverage if and when these things happen.  Trust me, come thirsty, because these will occur more often than you think:

  • Every time Jonathan Dwyer or Isaac Redman receives a handoff from the shotgun formation.  How or why these plays continued to be called with those backs make zero sense.
  • Every time Emmanuel Sanders or Antonio Brown fail to come back and fight for a contested pass, or a ball is “lost in the lights.”
  • Every mention of the phrase “0-3.”
  • Every mention of Maurkice Pouncey’s absence and how it affects the Steelers’ offensive line in a negative fashion.
  • Every time Marcus Gilbert and Mike Adams are beat for a sack, or David DeCastro falls into the leg of one of his teammates.
  • Every time Ryan Clark misses a tackle or takes a poor angle to the ball, ball-carrier, or pass-receiver.
  • Every time LaMarr Woodley looks hapless against and is out-hustled by Chicago’s rookie right tackle Jordan Mills.
  • Every time the Steelers’ offense move the ball into the Bears’ red zone.  (Hey, we’ve gotta drink for positive reasons, right?)
  • Every time the offense faces a 3rd and 9+ situation.
  • Every time the offense goes “three-and-out,” extra shot/shotgun a beer if it’s inside Pittsburgh’s own 20-yard line.
  • Every time Pittsburgh’s special teams commits a penalty or give us a big (40+ yards) return.
  • Every time Pittsburgh’s defense posts a turnover-less or a sack-less quarter.

Those of you participating can amend the rules as you see fit, especially if you are looking to drink responsibly and the game itself is an utter disaster before half time.  Even if the Steelers are “unwatchable” with their play on the field, it shouldn’t stop you from socializing with your friends and having a fun time despite the fact that things might go sour.

So have fun tonight fans, be responsible, and try to stay as positive as possible that the team will play well enough so these rules will not apply if you participate in the drinking game.

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