NPC’s “NFL Power Rankings Wrapup:” Pittsburgh Steelers, Week 4


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Can the Steelers reach the very bottom of some pundits’ “NFL Power Rankings?”  They certainly appear to be trying to do so with the way they have collectively played during their 0-3 start:

"How long until Todd Haley autographs a napkin by writing “Steelers suck.”-Mike Florio (Pro Football Talk, Ranked #30)"

Well played Mr. Florio, well played.  But seriously, the Steelers’ offense has been nothing short of dreadful during their first three games.  The teams has turned the ball over nine times, scored only 19 points during their first two games, and their offensive coordinator is on the “hot seat.”

"Big Ben threw for 406 yards on Sunday, but had four turnovers in the process … two of which were returned for touchdowns by the Bears. -Brian Billick (FOX, Ranked #25)"

How or why Billick moved the Steelers “up” from #27 to #25 in his “Power Rankings” makes little sense to me.  Seriously, this team is -9 in the turnover battle through three games.  They have yet to post a victory, and yet they somehow impressed Billick enough to move up two spots?

"I can’t believe they are 0-3 with two home losses.  They just don’t seem right on offense.  The turnovers are killing them.-Pete Prisco (CBS, Ranked #27)"

As many have pointed out before, the nine turnovers the offense has committed over the first three games has been one of the biggest reasons why the Steelers are 0-3.  The offensive line’s lack of protection, 10.0 sacks allowed overall, has also been an enormous cause for concern.  Put both of those together with a struggling running game, and it is no shock that this team is win-less.

"Could the Steelers really start 0-4?  If they protect the ball this poorly (nine turnovers, third most in the NFL), it’s a distinct possibility.  Luckily, the Vikings have even more (10).– (Week 3 PRs, Ranked #28)"

Something has to give between the Steelers and Vikings this weekend, right?  Both teams have giveaway issues, and both deserve to be in the cellars of their respective divisions.  I wonder how much interest the matchup of these two teams will generate across the pond?  It wouldn’t shock me at all to see both teams struggle and play an embarrassing slop-fest on Sunday.

"Last week, we mentioned that finishing the season 6-10 could be a likely scenario for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  After Sunday night’s loss, that seemed to be a probability.  That said, though Pittsburgh has to play three of its next four on the road, those games are against the Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets, and Oakland Raiders.  So I’m saying there’s a chance…-Elliot Harrison (, Ranked #30)"

How or why Harrison thinks the Steelers have chances to even beat the Vikings, Jets, and Raiders makes zero sense after their 0-3 start.  They cannot run the football, display any sort of ball-security on offense, cannot rush the passer with any consistency, and are simply unable to take the ball away from opposing teams.  As many issues as three of their next four opponents have, an 0-6 start could be on the horizon.

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