The Isaac Redman Concussion Dispute


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N.F.L. teams with 0-3 records are usually focused on limiting and managing distractions, not adding more of them.

Unfortunately for the 2013 Pittsburgh Steelers, they appear to be embroiled in yet another mess.  The newest problem deals with Isaac Redman and the concussion he reportedly suffered during the team’s loss two weeks ago.

According to Ed Bouchette of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Redman apparently sustained a concussion after he was hit in the head on the opening kickoff.  So why exactly was Pittsburgh’s starting running back allowed to re-enter the game and play if he was supposedly concussed?

Well according to Redman, he lied to the medical staff and said he “was all right” to get back on the field!

Of course, Pittsburgh’s front office countered with a statement of their own to Pro Football Talk:

"Isaac was taken out of the game, and we announced that he was being evaluated for a concussion, … He was then taken through the proper protocol by our medical staff and it was deemed he was cleared to return to action after multiple examinations.  He then re-entered the game and saw action shortly thereafter and throughout the rest of the game."

Well this is a typical “he said-she said” scenario, isn’t it “Steeler Nation?”

I for one question Redman’s motives in the entire situation.  Honestly, why would Redman lie about playing if he had a concussion in the first place?  Is he totally unfamiliar with the recent studies regarding concussions and N.F.L. players?

Was he afraid that he might lose his starting job and playing time to one or both of his healthy backups at the time?  If so, is that not the fault of Redman for lying to return to action if he knowingly sustained a head injury?

I would simply like to hear more from Redman regarding his concussion.  Moreover, I want understand what specifically drove the running back to lie to those conducting the medical tests and his coaching staff.

Regardless of what transpires out of this situation, their running back said what he had to say and the front office responded in kind.  What will happen heading forward is still up for debate.  What cannot be disputed is the fact that the Steelers’ brass will have to play some more “damage control” over the coming weeks.

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