Jonathan Dwyer and Antonio Brown Disciplined By the NFL


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Jonathan Dwyer and Antonio Brown reportedly felt the wrath of the NFL’s brass in their checkbooks according to Scott Brown of

Dwyer was fined $21,000 for lowering the crown of his helmet to bowl over an oncoming defender in the open field.

Although he was not flagged for a penalty on the play, the former Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket was still reprimanded by the NFL for doing what any good “power back” would when he sees a defensive back looking to step up and make a tackle.

Of course, playing “physical” football is frowned upon now since the heads of the league are doing everything in their power to avoid future lawsuits.

Maybe instead of penalizing and fining running backs who try to gain extra yards, the league’s heads should focus on reprimanding other jagoffs at the position who lie about being concussed?

What, too soon?

While Dwyer’s fine could be considered ridiculous, Antonio Brown’s fine of $15,750 for two unnecessary roughness penalties was a bit more deserved.

The first of which occurred when Brown gripped and ripped an oncoming tackler’s facemask  during a punt return, and the second one happened when the wide receiver attempted to make a tackle after a Ben Roethlisberger interception in the closing minutes.

I cannot fault the league for their actions against Brown, especially since the league frowns upon the types of facemask penalties he committed against Chicago. Nevertheless, the wide receiver plans to appeal his fine according to the article.

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