Week Four Drinking Game: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Minnesota Vikings


Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Due to the positive responses surrounding last weekend’s drinking game, I have decided to debut a new one for each of the Steelers’ final 13 regular season contests.

So for you “21 and over” fans in need of some relief, take a sip, swig, or even a hearty chug of your adult beverage if and when the following things listed below happen.  I just hope that you are thirsty, “Steeler Nation:”

  • After every unsuccessful “Fat Back Draw” from the shotgun formation.  (Due to his weight and lack of speed, Le’Veon Bell is also included in the “Fat Back Draw” with Isaac Redman and Jonathan Dwyer.)
  • If the injury-prone rookie is forced to the sidelines for medical attention.
  • Every “Big Ben” Roethlisberger comparison to “Big Ben” the clock.  (Trust me, this nonsense will occur at least once.)
  • After every dropped pass by a Pittsburgh wide receiver. (Take a shot if the wide receiver displays “alligator arms” at any point)
  • Every time Roethlisberger is sacked.
  • Every time Pittsburgh’s starting tackles, Mike Adams and Marcus Gilbert display the pass-blocking skills of traffic cones.
  • After every “three and out” by Pittsburgh’s offense. (Take a shot if they are inside their own 20 yard line)
  • Every time LaMarr Woodley is stopped in his tracks by Phil Loadholt.
  • After every gain of 10+ yards on the ground by Adrian Peterson.
  • Every time Ryan Clark misses a tackle or takes a poor angle to the ball, ball-carrier, or opposing pass-catcher.
  • After each takeaway-less or sack-less quarter put up by Pittsburgh’s defense. (Take a shot for this one)
  • After every penalty committed by the Steelers’ special teams coverage units.
  • After every Shaun Suisham field goal.  (Take a shot if it is under 30 yards and the offense was bogged down in the red zone)
  • Every time the fact that the N.F.L.’s brass want to move a franchise to London is mentioned.

Those of you participating can amend the rules as you see fit, especially if you are looking to drink responsibly and the game itself is an utter disaster before half time.  Even if the Steelers are a “dumpster fire” to watch with their play on the field, it should not stop any of you from making the best of a bad situation.

So have fun today, be responsible, and try to stay as positive as possible that Pittsburgh will play well enough across the pond so many these rules will not apply if you elect to participate.

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