Yeah, Let’s Keep Blaming Todd Haley For All of the Steelers’ Woes…


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I know plenty of people want to blame Todd Haley for the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 0-4 start to the 2013 regular season.  And honestly, I believe that Haley needs to shoulder some blame for what has occurred (less no-huddle, Isaac Redman involved in the running game, etc.).

However, it seems like everybody is so quick to blame the offensive coordinator for much of the team’s troubles instead of considering the following:

  • The defense has yet to force a turnover in 16 quarters…is that Haley’s fault?
  • The defense has racked up only four sacks in 16 quarters…is that Haley’s fault?
  • Ryan Clark is one of the least effective free safeties in professional football…is that Haley’s fault?
  • Most of Pittsburgh’s defenders cannot tackle on a consistent basis…is that Haley’s fault?
  • Dick LeBeau’s defense has been “figured out” and exploited by most of the league’s offensive coordinators and quarterbacks…is that Haley’s fault?
  • The run defense ranks in the mid-20’s…is that Haley’s fault?
  • Mike Adams is an absolute turnstile at left tackle…is that Haley’s fault?
  • The team arrived in London on Friday before their last game and looked jet-lagged and flat in the first half…is that Haley’s fault?

Look, I have been less than impressed with Haley since his arrival last season.  Yet I am not shoving unnecessary blame on Pittsburgh’s offensive coordinator for problems which Mike Tomlin, Dick LeBeau, and numbers of the Steelers’ players deserve.

If the front office fires Haley at some point before the 2014 season begins, then I certainly cannot blame them.  I just hope they look to fire or cut others on this team who deserve just as much blame as their offensive coordinator for this team’s recent decline and future collapse.

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