Steelers Morning Huddle 10/2/2013


Huddle up!

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The Steelers started practice yesterday for their bye week and there is plenty to work on. Seems like Steeler Nation is still pretty sour over the fact that the team is 0-4. I wonder why so many people who rather proudly predicted the Steelers wouldn’t win many games this season are so very upset to see their predictions coming true so early? It’s never fun to watch your favorite team underperform. Here’s what’s being said about your Pittsburgh Steelers around the block.

Steelers looking for answers

While Tomlin wasn’t doing his weekly press conference this week because of the bye, plenty of Steelers players were available for Teresa Varley of the Steelers website to give their input on what can possibly turn this thing around.

"“We have to play harder, be more detail oriented and focus more on the little things. That is obviously what is killing us. Everybody has to be executing on the same page. It’s like we are one play away from winning, one thing here, one thing there. Everyone has to get on the same page and it has to be quick. There is no time for waiting anymore.” – William Gay"

Steelers Film Study

Mark Kaboly of the Trib took time to review the game tape from the Steelers Week 4 loss to Minnesota. Kaboly noted that the biggest area of disappointment in the Steelers performance was missed tackles. According to him, the Steelers missed 16 tackles in that game and have missed 41 total this season so far. The Steelers rank third in the league in missed tackles behind Washington and Jacksonville. According to Kaboly’s review of the film, CB Cortez Allen was the biggest offender of the missed tackles affliction on Sunday. Allen missed on Vikings WR Greg Jennings at his 7-yard completion to which he then turned into a 70-yard touchdown.

No lack of effort with Steelers

Steelers safety Ryan Clark spoke with ESPN’s Scott Brown about the Steelers’ troubles. After the Steelers loss to Minnesota, head coach Mike Tomlin gave a more spirited press conference than usual, threatening that players who weren’t buying into the system wouldn’t be a part of it anymore. Typically, that speaks to a lack of effort being given. Clark mentioned that the film study of the game by the team was extra-critical and even “minor” critiques were pointed out to the team. Apparently, that’s a different approach than usual, according to Clark.

"“When you’re 0-4 you’re coached differently than when you’re 12-4 and that’s all it is. I think some of those things sometimes speak to effort, some of things things sometimes speak to will to win, and as far as I’m concerned it’s the same as it’s always been, at least with the guys I’m around each and every day. I see how guys around here are working. I see the people in the weight room. I see the extra film study.” – Ryan Clark"

No, Ryan, it isn’t the same as it’s always been. You’re 0-4 and you’ve never been 0-4 before. If the same guys you see every single day are putting all this effort into the weight room and film study, what’s the problem come game time then? I really wish I would have seen some accountability from Clark here. I don’t want to hear how much film study is being done when after four games the Steelers have almost as many missed tackles as the Jaguars. That’s effort. That’s on the field. That’s not the same as it’s always been.

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