Levi Brown Trade Is At Least Cost-Effective For Steelers


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"Levi Brown was not living up to our expectations on the field, … At the end of the day, when you realize he is not in the long-term plans, instead of belaboring the point, it’s in the best interests of the organization to move on.-Steve Keim, G.M. of the Arizona Cardinals (via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)"

I threw up a bit in my mouth after I read the statement by Arizona’s general manager regarding Levi Brown. Then I remembered how badly LaMarr Woodley abused Brown in Super Bowl XLIII.  Of course, that was not a one-game anomaly for the player Arizona’s brass picked ahead of Adrian Peterson in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft.

Brown has been one of the least effective left tackles since he transitioned over to the position in 2010, and his play inspired the Cardinals’ brass to be more than willing to dump him on another team.

As much as I have illustrated my disdain regarding the recent trade, it is actually a decent move for the Steelers from a financial perspective now that more details of the contract have come to light.

I do give credit to Pittsburgh’s front office for essentially obtaining Brown for the one-year rental price of $715,000, the veteran minimum salary according to Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.  Although losing any draft pick stings a rebuilding franchise, I can understand the desperation exhibited by Pittsburgh’s front office to pull the trigger on a financially sound move.

Reservations aside regarding the fact that the Cardinals are paying close to $4 million to see Brown walk, the acquisition represented a low-risk financial endeavor for Pittsburgh’s front office to undertake.

If the veteran flops, then the Steelers’ brass can release him relatively easily since there is no guaranteed money attached to him according to Kaboly. Yet if he can somehow illustrate any signs of competency, the front office might be able to keep him around as a quality veteran if he is willing to restructure.

While I believe that the move to acquire Brown was unnecessary, especially with giving up a much-needed draft pick, the veteran still has the potential to provide enough cost-effective offensive line insurance for the cap-strapped Steelers to hopefully limp through the rest of this horrendous 2013 regular season.

Plus, if the presence of Brown and the emergence of Kelvin Beachum cannot light a fire under the recently demoted Mike Adams, then maybe “Mr. Stay Puft” shouldn’t be a part of this team’s rebuilding plans.

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