Will Pittsburgh Steelers Be Last Winless Team To Get A Win?


The Steelers better hope they can pull out a win against the Jets next week or they could find themselves the only winless team in the NFL. Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a bye week this week and sit miserably at 0-4 and one of four teams looking to get the first W of the season.  It’s been a rude awakening for Steeler Nation who are not accustomed to be sitting as bottom feeders of the NFL let alone the AFC North.  But, with the team being such a mess, one begins to wonder, ‘When will these guys actually get a win this season?’  Tough tests against the Jets – once thought to be the usual ‘trap game’ the Steelers struggle with – and then their first of two against Baltimore might have our beloved Steelers sitting at 0-6 with almost half the season gone.

The Jaguars, Giants, and Buccaneers are the other three teams who sit currently (as of 1pm Sunday afternoon) winless.  The Jags are tied with a very beatable Rams team and could win despite losing their rookie tackle to an injury very early on in the game.  The Giants are up against a very beatable Eagles team and are beating them by a point with only a few minutes left in the first half.  Should these two teams win this Sunday, then the Bucs and Steelers would be left as the only winless teams – both with byes this weekend.

The Bucs are about as close to a crap storm as you can get in comparison with the Steelers and have a couple of tough contests (for them) that might see them winless for a few more weeks.  Their best chances for pulling out a win are against Philly next week and Carolina in Week 8.  There’s a chance that the Steelers can sneak out a win against the Jets and get into that W column before the Bucs (or the others should they lose this week).

The NFL is a tough sport and is one that is full of pride – pride for the players and pride for the fans.  I know that pride will take a big hit (as if it’s not already) should the Steelers find themselves at the very bottom looking up at the other 31 teams in the NFL.