Never Fear, ‘Steeler Nation!’ ‘Captain Obvious’ is Here!


Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not going lie to you readers, I was almost in tears from laughing at the following video which my co-editor Craig posted in the comments section of one of the posts earlier today.

Known for littering his press conferences with the words “obvious” and “obviously,” the people over at Benstonium had some fun with Mike Tomlin most recent presser and included an “obviously counter” for your viewing pleasure:

With “Captain Obvious'” at the helm, there’s no reason why the Steelers cannot turn things around this weekend. I mean, him and the front office were behind so many moves to “upgrade” their team over the last two weeks.

I am not exactly sure how the acquisitions of underachieving veterans like Will Allen, Stevenson Sylvester, and Levi Brown are supposed to pull this team out of their 0-4 hole. Moreover, I am not sure how William Gay and Cameron Heyward represent “upgrades” at their respective positions as well.

But hey, it might be more “obvious” to others within the organization.

Of course, “Captain Obvious'” biggest move this week didn’t deal with any lineup changes at all. Pittsburgh’s head coach really brought the hammer down after he banned all table games inside the locker room!

Forcing turnovers? Stopping the run? Creating pocket collapse? Improving the offensive line?

Non issues.

“Captain Obvious” is “obviously” focused on who is playing ping-pong and pool more than anything else.

In all seriousness though, I am anxious to see whether or not this team can improve over their final 12 games. Otherwise there could be some “obvious” changes made within the front office and coaching staff during the upcoming winter and spring.