Steelers Morning Huddle 10/16/2013


Obviously, Huddle up!

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It’s Ravens week! It might not have the same luster as years before when it was clear the Steelers and Ravens were battling it out for the top spot in the AFC North but that doesn’t change the fact that we hate those friggin guys. Here’s what’s being said about your Pittsburgh Steelers around the block.

Tomlin Tuesday

Obviously, every Tuesday afternoon Tomlin addresses the media to wrap up the previous game, update some injury statuses, preview the upcoming game, and answer questions. In this week’s edition I counted 25 “Obviously’s” in his seventeen minute presser. Pretty impressive for Captain Obvious. Obviously, he addressed the win over the Jets and highlighted the positive signs like the “splash plays” that were made but also acknowledged the negatives like the defense’s failure to made an in-bounds tackle on the Jets’ last drive of the first half that led to a field goal. He informed us that Levi Brown is out for the season with that triceps injury as is David Johnson with his wrist. In response, the team signed TE Richard Gordon and promoted Isaiah Green, a cornerback from the practice squad because, of course we need more tight ends. I envision this team will be 60% tight ends by the end of the year if they average a player going on IR each week from here on out. Tomlin addressed the fact that they didn’t sign a tackle to replace Brown by saying that the signed the men they thought could contribute to the team for this weekend. The sound bite that is getting the most attention is his confirming that the team will no longer be doing any acrobatic moves into the endzone as Emmanuel Sanders did on Sunday and Le’Veon Bell did in London. Tomlin’s response for why he’s putting an end to those moves was simple.

"“The potential for injury. It’s silly.’ – Mike Tomlin"

It sure is silly. It’s silly that one little flip in the first win of what has been a rather depressing season so far caused so much controversy but here’s hoping the yinzers are content with Tomlin putting an end to the issue entirely. You can listen to Tomlin’s entire presser here.

Steelers focused on Ravens

If anyone thinks that the Steelers got their first win and have already set their sights on the playoffs down the road, don’t be too quick to judge the mindset this team is in right now. Ed Bouchette of the PPG had to remind Brett Keisel that it was Ravens week.

"“It will be a tough game against Baltimore. I didn’t even know that until you said that. It will be a good test for us.” – Brett Keisel"

It would be wise for the Steelers to keep this same frame of mind the rest of the year, don’t even think about the next opponent or whoever is down the road until you’ve accomplished the task at hand. The current task at hand; beating the Ravens.

"“We can’t just be basking in this win here. This is one win. We have to dig ourselves out of a hole. We can’t relax, we have a big one next weekend at home and we have to be on top of the same mindset.” – Ramon Foster"

Ravens and Steelers struggling offenses

ESPN’s John McTigue compared the two struggling offenses of the once AFC North powerhouses the Ravens and Steelers. The two will meet on Sunday, each without a winning record for the first time since 2002. According to McTigue the biggest culprit in the Steelers and Ravens’ offensive woes are their struggling running games. The two teams are at the bottom of rushing yards per attempt this season with only Jacksonville worse than them both. The Steelers’ struggling running game isn’t necessarily a surprise considering they didn’t come into the season with a clear starter while the Ravens’ rushing woes are pretty troubling considering Ray Rice hasn’t been injured or anything. The Ravens are just failing at rushing the ball so far this year.

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