Addressing The Mike Tomlin Situation


Oct 27, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin on the sideline against the Oakland Raiders during the third quarter at Coliseum. The Oakland Raiders defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-18. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Tomlin has many issues on his hands right now and while his inclination to constantly use the word, “obviously” can be annoying, that is not one of those issues. Following a loss to the Raiders in week 8, Tomlin’s Steelers are now 2-5, with the New England Patriots on the docket tomorrow. If the Steelers lose tomorrow, they fall to 2-6 and the chances of the Steelers making the playoffs become very small.

How hot is Mike Tomlin’s seat getting? While in the past he has been known as one of the top 10, maybe top 5 coaches respectively, but in recent years, he has looked nothing of the type. After missing the playoffs last season, it appears Tomlin will be leading his Steelers in the same direction this season. How much will the Rooneys be able to take? In the past they have shown that they do not often make moves off of emotion, seeing as they have had only three coaches in Noll, Cowher, and Tomlin, since 1969. But, in the case of Mike Tomlin, his leash continues to get shorter and shorter.

Do I think Mike Tomlin will continue to be the head coach of the Steelers in 2014? Lets just say I would be very surprised if Tomlin were to get the boot next season, since I don’t see the Steelers losing the rest of their games. If they were to lose the rest of their games, the chances of it happening would double, but I don’t see the Steelers going lower than 5-11.

Another reason I believe Mike Tomlin will still be around is the fact that the Steelers signed him to an extension in the 2012 offseason. Of course, the Rooneys can’t be happy with the team right now, but I highly doubt they are at the point of wanting to fire Mike Tomlin. He went to the Super bowl only three seasons ago, and he has yet to have a losing season. While opinions can change after two seasons, Art Rooney gave Coach Tomlin his vote of confidence when Tomlin signed his extension back in 2012:

"We are pleased to announce that Mike Tomlin will remain with the Steelers for at least five more years,” Steelers president Art Rooney II said. “Mike is one of the top head coaches in the National Football League and we are thrilled he will continue to lead our team as we pursue another Super Bowl title.”"

Many fans want Tomlin out the door, but if you think about it, Tomlin has found ways to win and is a proven commodity. If the Steelers were to bring in a new coach, you have no idea if this coach will be an instant success. But then again, thats just the NFL for you.

Having personally met Coach Tomlin, I couldn’t help but enjoy him as a person, which the Rooneys obviously do, but NFL games are not won by how nice a head coach is, but instead how he can prepare a team each week, and make adjustments with the injuries that occur often in the NFL. Mike Tomlin’s seat may be getting warmer, but I believe it is going to take a lot for the Rooney’s to get rid of Tomlin after one loosing season.

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