Pittsburgh Steelers Week 11: TV Listings, Map, Announcers, Times, Odds


The Pittsburgh Steelers will face off against the Buffalo Bills at Heinz Field during the early slot on Sunday.  Coverage will carry over from the pre-game show into kickoff which is slated around 1:00 PM EST.  Most of the upper midwest drew the game today, so everyone in the NFC North (except Chicago) will bear witness to the game, as well as the usual Pittsburgh viewing area.  Most of the nation will be watching Washington face off against Philly, unless you are unfortunate enough to live in the Arizona and small area of Jacksonville – wahh wahhh.

Here’s the broadcasting map for 1pm on FOX today:

This week Thom Brennaman and Brian Billick will be calling the game.  Brennaman is so so in his play calling.  Billick has a tendency to be annoying when he decides to sidestep into a rant about a certain player – a la his Dez Bryant ‘he’s a great asset for this team/he’s such a liability’ rant.  I’m sure he’ll have plenty to talk about with Megatron being on the field.  Surprisingly, Billick is one of the few commentators out there who can pronounce Polamalu correctly.  So, even if you get the game on FOX, you may want to stream Billy and the boys on WDVE.  The weather may play a factor in run game and kicking game.  If the rain sweeps in, Heinz Field will get sloppier than my grandma’s kielbasa casserole.  Enjoy the game everyone.  Below are today’s odds

Teams: Steelers vs. Lions

Time: 1:00 p.m. ET

Date: Nov. 17, 2013

Location: Heinz Field, Pittsburgh PA

Weather: 60 degrees, isolated t-storms, winds S 12 m.p.h.

TV Schedule: FOX 1:00 p.m. coverage begins

Radio: Steelers: WDVE-FM (102.5)/WBGG-AM (970)

Announcers: Thom Brennaman, Brian Billick

Odds: Lions -2.5