William Gay Fined $15,750 for Unflagged Hit


Mandatory Credit: Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

I am really losing interest in football at this point. I know that the league officials are trying to “make the game safer,” but they might as well put dresses on the quarterbacks if they are going to fine and call penalties on players like Ahmad Brooks and William Gay for making hits like this one:


Earlier today, the NFL reportedly fined Gay for his hit on Jason Campbell when he sacked the Browns’ quarterback last weekend. The jarring smash caused Campbell to drop like a sack of potatoes, fumble the football, and all appeared to be well. I should mention that even the officials didn’t call a penalty on the play.

Of course, that didn’t stop Roger Goodell and his cronies from fining Pittsburgh’s cornerback $15,750 for the aforementioned hit which was a “delivery of a forcible blow to the head/neck of the quarterback in the pocket” according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, one of the NFL’s ultimate “company men.”

At this point, I’m not sure where defenders are supposed to hit opposing quarterbacks or even where on the field they are supposed to do so without fear of being fined.

Regardless of what anybody thinks though, a rule is a rule, no matter how moronic it is and no matter how moronic/afraid of future lawsuits those who installed it are. Thus, Gay is set to be a bit lighter in his wallet for making what appeared to be a well-executed play on a well-timed cornerback blitz.

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