La Canfora: Steelers Will Be Docked Late Round Draft Pick For Tomlin’s Actions


Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I am not advocating that Mike Tomlin did not need to be punished for his tap dance along the sidelines on Thanksgiving night.

I honestly believe that Tomlin deserved to pay a six-figure fine like the New York Jets did for Sal Alosi’s trip job back in 2010. He broke a rule, a play was affected by his lapse in judgement, and he was definitely in the wrong on Jacoby Jones’ kickoff return.

Yet the fact that the league is set to dock the Pittsburgh Steelers a draft pick for Tomlin’s actions according to Jason La Canfora of CBS is nothing short of ridiculous.

While I find that part of the pending penalty to be complete and total nonsense, the news itself does not shock me at all. Expecting Roger Goodell and the rest of his cronies in the league office to be consistent or logical when it comes to handing down discipline is a joke at this point, and the league’s decision to hold the punishment over the Steelers’ heads until the compensatory picks come out is nothing short of pathetic.

Then again, the league office is drunk with power and has been so since Goodell assumed his position as commissioner almost eight years ago. None of the owners seem to want to interrupt the status quo, so I guess this type of ridiculousness will continue until him and his minions are removed from office or leave.

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