University of Texas Has Mike Tomlin Reportedly on Wish List


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It looks like those in charge of the head coaching search at the University of Texas ares shooting for the stars according to a recent tweet from FOX Sports Live:

First of all, let me just file this reported list under ‘wishful thinking’ for those at the University of Texas. Now I can understand how badly those at UT-Austin want to be back on top of the college football world. Moreover, I understand how they have the financial wherewithal and prestige to put those aforementioned names on their ‘wish list.’ Yet ‘wanting’ something doesn’t necessarily mean one will ‘obtain’ it.

Mike Tomlin would probably be hard-pressed leave his cushy job with Pittsburgh, especially when he is under contract through the 2016 season. Furthermore, the University of Texas would likely have to pony up a large amount of dough (Tomlin reportedly made $5.5 million in 2012) to lure Pittsburgh’s head coach back to the college ranks.

This is not to say that those at UT-Austin do not have the funds at their disposal to match or exceed what the Steelers are currently set to pay Tomlin over the next three seasons. They would simply have to provide Tomlin with some sort of lucrative deal which would make returning to Pittsburgh a no-win scenario for him.

As I alluded to previously, those in charge of Texas’ coaching search will probably do their due diligence with any and all coveted candidates because they can. Weighing the most attractive options is a luxury which their University possesses, and making a sales pitch to Tomlin and the aforementioned guys on the reported list does not hurt them or their program.

Financial of the University of Texas aside, I cannot fathom a situation in which Tomlin would leave for the college ranks unless he was actually unemployed.

Of course, if he does bolt for another job while he is still under contract with the Steelers, then he would enter a vilified category reserved for the likes of ‘douche canoes’ like Rich Rodriguez or Todd Graham.

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