First Start Was Expensive for Cody Wallace


Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

I am sure that Cody Wallace will remember his first professional start for as long as he lives. Unfortunately for Pittsburgh’s backup center, he might remember it for all of the wrong reasons.

Although the fourth-year veteran made the first start of his professional career against the Miami Dolphins, some of his on-field actions made the occasion quite the expensive event.

According to Scott Brown of, Wallace was fined twice by the NFL today for the aforementioned actions.

The first of which occurred when Wallace tried to knock a ball at the bottom of a pile loose in the first half. Unfortunately for Wallace and Randy Starks, the Miami player he made contact with, the center’s fist made direct contact with Starks’ nether regions.

How or why Wallace though he could get to the ball through Starks’ gooch is beyond me, but those in the league office saw it fit to fine him $7875 for his amateur prostate check.

Unfortunately for Wallace, that wasn’t the only action he was docked for by the league. After Ben Roethlisberger was tackled short of the first down marker late in the fourth quarter, Wallace cleaned up the pile with a cheap shot after the whistle blew.

While Wallace should have been disciplined for that hit, how or why he was fined more ($10,000) than he was for what he did to Starks is a bit odd. Debate on which action was worse aside, Wallace will probably remember his first career start for 17,875 reasons.

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