NFL’s Hypocrisy is Showing with the Darren Rizzi ‘Discipline’


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Hey Roger Goodell and Ray Anderson, your idiocy and hypocrisy are showing.

Remember when Mike Tomlin was fined $100,000 for his sideline tap dance against the Baltimore Ravens? I do. I also remember when it was reported that the Pittsburgh Steelers would lose a late round draft pick because of Tomlin’s act as well.

Of course, those in the league office essentially chose to look the other way when it came to punishing the Miami Dolphins’ special teams coach Darren Rizzi for his actions during last weekend’s game against the Steelers.

On Troy Polamalu’s attempted field goal return before half time, Rizzi accidentally ran into an official according to Will Brinson of CBS (via Jay Glazer of FOX Sports). Rizzi, like Tomlin, was not flagged for his act of idiocy. Nevertheless, the NFL decided to fine Miami’s special teams coach for his infraction.

Those in the league office however decided to barely slap Rizzi and the Dolphins on the wrist at all. Rizzi was only fined $10,000 and the Dolphins were not fined or disciplined at all according to Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk!

Correct me if I am wrong, readers. Yet did Rizzi not step out on the field of play like Tomlin did on Thanksgiving night? In fact, Rizzi’s act happened 10 days after Tomlin’s sideline tap dance. Shouldn’t he or the Dolphins be punished to the same degree as Pittsburgh’s head coach and organization were?

All I can say about this matter is that Rizzi’s joke of a punishment is just another instance of the NFL blindly wielding its power as they see fit. Expecting consistency and intelligent thought from those in the league office when it comes to punishing teams, players and coaches for particular infractions is ridiculous at this point.

I for one am interested to see how they reprimand the next coach who steps on the field of play during the game. Of course, if it is Tomlin or one of the coaches on his staff, fines of six-figures and multiple draft picks will likely be factored into the punishment.

All of the other coaches on the rest of the league’s teams shouldn’t fear though. They’ll probably be punished in a Rizzi-like fashion.

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