Week 15 Drinking Game: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals


Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The 5-8 Pittsburgh Steelers can still technically qualify for postseason play. Sadly, they’ll need large amounts of help from other teams to keep their postseason hopes alive. However, if the Steelers do not win tonight against the Cincinnati Bengals, then they will miss the playoffs for the third time in the last five seasons.

For you ’21 and over’ fans who would like to partake in “NPC’s” weekly drinking game, take a sip, swig, or even a hearty chug of your adult beverage if and when the following things listed below happen:

  • Every time Ben Roethlisberger escapes a sack and makes a positive play down the field.
  • Every time you wish that Pittsburgh’s brass found a way to draft Giovani Bernard instead of  Le’Veon Bell.
  • Every time Antonio Brown calls for a fair catch on a punt return when there is not a defender within five yards of him.
  • Whenever Marcus Gilbert looks like a complete turnstile at right tackle.
  • After every Shaun Suisham field goal attempt.  (Take a shot if it is under 30 yards and the offense was bogged down in the red zone)
  • Any time the defense gives up points in the final two minutes of each half. (Take a shot for each point allowed if you’d like.)
  • Whenever AJ Green absolutely tools Ike Taylor.
  • Every time a member of the secondary cannot haul in a pass which hits them in the hands.
  • Every time Ryan Clark misses a tackle or takes a poor angle to the ball, ball-carrier, or opposing pass-catcher.
  • Every time Andre Smith dominates LaMarr Woodley at the point of attack.
  • Whenever you think that Woodley would have rather sat out the game so he could eat and expand his waistline.
  • Whenever you wish the Steelers cut Woodley instead of James Harrison.
  • Whenever the camera pans to Woodley on the sideline and you swear you can hear him getting fatter.
  • After every turnover-less and sack-less quarter put up by Pittsburgh’s defense.
  • Whenever you remember that Jarvis Jones has the same amount of professional sacks under his belt (one) as Subway commercials.
  • Whenever you wish that Pittsburgh’s brass took Tyler Eifert, DeAndre Hopkins, or Alec Ogletree over Jones in April’s draft.
  • Every time Mat McBriar boots a “junior varsity” punt like Zoltan Mesko. (Take a shot if it travels less than 40 yards.)
  • Every time you wish that the coaching staff would play the rookies and bench the ineffective veterans.
  • BONUS ROUND, POST-GAME PRESSER: Take a shot every time Mike Tomlin uses the word “obvious” or “obviously.”

As I say every week, those of you participating in the drinking game can amend the rules as you see fit, especially if you are looking to drink responsibly or the game itself is too close for comfort. Thus, drinking heavily could come in handy for some of you if things go sour against the Bengals during the must-win game for both teams.

So have fun today, be responsible, and try to stay as positive as possible that the Steelers will improve their record to 6-8.

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