Kevin Huber Looking Past Hit, Focusing on Next Year


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It is definitely nice to see that Kevin Huber is on the road to recovery after he was de-cleated by Terence Garvin on Sunday Night Football. Due to the fact that Garvin’s block missed his target area by a couple of inches, Cincinnati’s punter sustained a broken jaw and a cracked vertebrae on Antonio Brown’s 67-yard punt return for a touchdown.

While Huber could be stewing and grousing like many of Cincinnati’s fans have been over the last few days, the punter is taking a more positive and reasonable approach to what occurred on Sunday evening. According to Coley Harvey of, Huber had the following to say about Garvin’s block:

"It is what it is, it’s part of the game, I know — big hits. Unfortunately I got one of the big hits, and I’ve got to deal with it. I’ll be fine, I’ll be back next year."

Huber even had this to say according to Darin Gantt of ProFootballTalk:

"If some guy would call to apologize for every hit they made, guys would be on the phone all the time, […] I’m not expecting any calls."

The maturity and class displayed by Huber is just as positive to see as the apology by Garvin for his illegal (by the league’s pansy standards) hit. Having a season cut short by an injury has to be devastating, so I could totally understand if Huber was more negative with his remarks.

Yet in a true and professional act, Huber took the dignified route and made it clear that sometimes big hits happen in the NFL. He simply happened to be the recipient of one of them last Sunday.

So kudos, Kevin Huber. Steeler Nation wishes you a full and speedy recovery, and I certainly hope that you enjoy a career-year next fall.

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