Pittsburgh Steelers ‘Stayin Alive’ With Benstonium Video


The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Green Bay Packers in thrilling fashion on Sunday afternoon, and they were able to keep their playoff hopes alive for the final week of the regular season.  So much needs to go in the way of the Steelers, that I have better odds finding mommy kissing Santa Clause.  But, with the mathematical possibility of the playoffs, there’s still hope.  The latest rub is that Andy Reid discussed that he may rest his starters – either from the very start or part way through the game against San Diego.  The Steelers need a Chargers loss as part of the equation for sneaking into the 6th seed of this year’s playoff bracket.  Aside from beating the Browns next Sunday, the Steelers also need ALL of the following to happen:

– Dolphins loss to the Jets

– Ravens loss to the Bengals

– Chargers loss to the Chargers

We’ve already heard from the Chiefs, but we aren’t sure what Marvin Lewis has in store for his AFC North leading Bengals.  They clinched the division and could just as easily sit their guys and lay down to the Ravens.  It’s a very improbable scenario for our Steelers, but hey, stranger things have happened.

To keep our spirits up this week, our friends over at Benstonium have produced another gem for us to view.  Enjoy!