NPC’s NFL Power Rankings Wrapup: Pittsburgh Steelers, Final

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Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports /

Oh what could have been. Ryan Succop’s missed field goal and Bill Leavy’s piss-poor officiating put a metaphorical ‘cherry’ on top of Pittsburgh’s ‘crap-laden sundae’ of a 2013 regular season. Sadly, this team has to be kicking themselves right now over their 2-6 bed-crapping of a start. For the second season in a row, it is too little, too late for the underachieving Steelers.

So where did Pittsburgh actually finish in NFL Power Rankings around the country at the conclusion of the 2013 regular season? Take a look below to find out, readers:

"The Yinzers can finally tear down that Bill Leavy statue.-Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk, Ranked #13)"

Bill Leavy blew too many calls on both sides in Super Bowl XL to garner a statue in Pittsburgh. Were some of the calls that went in Pittsburgh’s favor ticky-tack? Sure. Yet where were Leavy and his crew when it came to Sean Locklear holding and collaring Clark Haggans for the entirety of that afternoon? Leavy deserves to be fired for being an utter joke

"The slow start doomed them, but they seemed to get it going in the second half. That’s a good sign.-Pete Prisco (CBS, Ranked #14)"

I understand that the Steelers finished strong. As nice as that was to witness, it does not take away from how dreadful they were during their 2-6 start. This team must find ways to play more consistent, especially against inferior foes, if they wish to have any success next fall.

"An 0-4 start doomed Pittsburgh this season, but finishing 8-8 makes it 10 straight seasons without a losing record for the Steelers, the second-longest streak in the NFL (Patriots) (Power Rankings, Ranked #14)"

Whoop-de-doo. 8-8 means 8-8. Sure it’s a non-losing record, but being ‘mediocre’ in today’s NFL is like the worst thing ever. 8-8 doesn’t force necessary changes to be made. 8-8 masks enormous deficiencies which must be corrected. 8-8 means that a team is stuck drafting in the middle of the first round for another season.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! @$%#%%#$%^#^#^#% Succop. I feel your pain, Steelers fans. Everything broke your way. Speaking of breaking things, I thought I had broken the good news when Ryan Succop lined up to attempt his very makeable kick, which would have secured a Chiefs win over the Chargers — and a playoff spot for Pittsburgh. So sorry. Honestly.All that said, well, not to be Positive Perry, but here’s the deal: How about the character of this football team in going from 0-4 to 8-8? The Steelers’ defense stepped it up Sunday versus the Browns, ensuring there was no drama, at least on the Pittsburgh side of things. Defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau — all 76 years of him — did his job. Talk about telling AARP about going to hell.-Elliot Harrison (, Ranked #15)"

I’ll tell you where you can stick your apologies, Elliot Harrison. Funny how you didn’t mention the fact that Bill Leavy’s officiating crew blew things in overtime. Or how the illegal defensive formation the Chargers put on the field before Succop attempted his kick. Oh wait, you’re employed by the same league which turns a blind eye to the type of fisting which took place at Jack Murphy Stadium last Sunday.

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