Steelers Will Appeal Extra Punishment for Tomlin’s Tap Dance


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Pittsburgh’s team president Art Rooney II shared his thoughts on subjects such as free agency, coaching and personnel changes and the possible punishment for Mike Tomlin’s sideline tap dance in Baltimore in his most recent press conference.

Rooney provided some information on not only when the potential discipline could be handed down, but also what the Steelers would do if the league took away a draft pick from the franchise according to  Bob Labriola of Steelers Digest:

First of all, let me state that I totally agreed with the league when they fined Tomlin for his actions. Incidental or not, he impacted a play on the field and deserved to be punished. Nevertheless, the idea that the league would dock a draft pick from Pittsburgh after a six-figure fine is nothing short of ridiculous.

How or why Roger Goodell and his minions can justify that extra penalties for something Tomlin, not the team, did is a joke. Thus, it is at least refreshing to see that there is a timetable for any punishment to be handed down. Moreover, it is even nicer to see that the team’s president will want to appeal any action taken by the league if they have the huevos to take away a draft pick from the Steelers.

I mean, dropping the draft pick punishment is the least the NFL could do after their officials royally fisted the Steelers out of a playoff spot in San Diego. But seriously, I really hope that the league is smart enough to stand pat with the financial fine of Tomlin since the rebuilding Steelers can ill afford to lose any draft picks.

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