Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Keith Butler NOT Leaving For Titans


May 3, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers first round draft pick linebacker Jarvis Jones (95) listens to linebackers coach Keith Butler (left) in drills during Steelers rookie mincamp and orientation at the UPMC Sports Complex. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The talk for the last few days out of the Pittsburgh Steelers media mill was the potential resignation of linebackers coach Keith Butler if newly hired Tennessee Titan head coach, Ken Whisenhunt, hired Butler as his new defensive coordinator.  No one knew if the Steelers would allow Butler to speak with the Titans until Ed B from the PPG reported that the team would allow a meeting between the two.

All of that has been put on hold, and it looks like Butler will stay with the Steelers….. for now.

According to another PPG writer, Gerry Dulac, the meeting between Butler and the Titans “was apparently scuttled for undisclosed reasons.”  Butler was the front runner for the position, which left many in Steeler Nation a bit unsettled hearing about the heir apparent to Dick Le’Beau’s defensive coordinator position potentially leaving before Le’Beau was ready to step down.  It is unclear whether Butler will eventually meet with the Titans, but it does not seem likely.

The new frontrunner for the position is reportedly Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator, Roy Horton – yes, the former Steelers secondary coach.  Horton coached the Brown’s last season to 9th in the league in overall yards given up, but 23rd in the league on points scored (25.4 per game) and 18th in run defense.  Horton was Whisenhunt’s DC while The Whiz was head coach in Arizona.

So while The Whiz’s dastardly plans to poach a current Steeler has been ‘scuttled,’ he is still vigilant in his quest to move Pittsburgh West further East to Tennessee.  Maybe he would be interested in taking Ryan Clark while he’s at it?