Pittsburgh Steelers Coaching Moves: How Do You Feel About It?

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Gone but not quite…..

Keith Butler

Linebacker coach, Keith Butler, was in line to leave the team when it was reported new Tennessee Titans HC Ken Whisenhunt wanted Butler as his new defensive coordinator.  The reports from numerous outlets said that Butler was given permission to talk to the Titans, but that they were then ‘scuttled.’  Scuttled?  Not sure if that’s the right word to use, unless they really mean that someone stepped in and deliberately caused the talks to cease.  Butler is still the linebackers coach for the Steelers, but what is not know is what the heck happened that caused an A-lister such as Butler to fall off the list before things really even had a chance to start?  Did Rooney step in and say forget it?  Was it Tomlin?  Did the scuttling signal the end of Dick LeBeau’s reign since Keith Butler has been regarded as the favorite of in house candidates?

Jerry Olsavsky

May 21, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coach Jerry Olsavsky during organized team activities at the UPMC Sports Complex. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The former Steelers linebacker and current defensive general assistant coach is being interviewed by the Buffalo Bills for the linebacker positional coaching slot.  It would be Olsavsky’s first coaching job as a positional coach as he has spent the last four years as a general assistant for the Steelers defense.  This is somewhat an interesting situation.  When LeBeau retires, Butler was the favorite to replace Dicky boy.  The talk among Steeler Nation was that if Butler were to take over the defensive reigns, Olsavsky would move up as the new linebacker coach.  If the Steelers scuttled a meeting between the Titans and Keith Butler because it potentially ruined their grand scheme of LeBeau’s replacement, will they also scuttle the talks between Olsavsky and the Bills?

Who said free agency was the most exciting part of the offseason?  Ok, no one.  And neither is the swapping of coaches.  But, the last couple of weeks have been a doozy for the Steelers front office in trying to maintain and hire the various coaching positions.  The most interesting ones to me are the ones that never happened.  By keeping Butler on staff, does this mean the end is near, very very near, for Dick LeBeau?  Will the Steelers force Jerry O to stick around as well?

How do you feel about all these changes and happenings?