Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethlisberger Works With Moye And Wheaton In SoCal


Aside from Antonio Brown and Jerricho Cotchery, the Pittsburgh Steelers have some other pass catching offensive weapons.  Based on how last season went, one would never really know that there’s a ton of potential standing on the Steelers sideline each week.  Wide receivers Derek Moye and Markus Wheaton are a pair of young receivers who are on the ‘up and coming’ list in offensive coordinator Todd Haley’s offense.

Our own Dom DiTolla will tell you until he’s blue in the face that these two were underutilized in 2013.  Well it looks like Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is getting a jump start on the 2014 season, and potentially getting these guys incorporated more in the offense on a regular basis.

Sam Nestler sent this tweet out on Wednesday showing Big Ben working drills with Wheaton, Moye, and some other athletes.  While some might see this and think, ‘So what?’ I feel good about seeing the leader of the offense taking initiative in working out with some of his younger receivers.  It’s important for a quarterback to develop as much of a relationship as he can with his offense and receiving core.  Timing, reads, and nuances are all very important – especially when currently the Steelers lack an offensive line that is dominant in pass protection.

I hope that Ben and these guys (as well as the other receivers) have more workouts together.  It can only improve how they perform on the field.  If the Steelers want to have more firepower on offense, they will need to get Moye and Wheaton involved much more.  The former Nittany Lion and OSU Beaver combined for 8 catches and 84 yards in 2013.  Moye had a lone touchdown.  There’s no guarantee that the Steelers will pick a wide out in the first or second (or any) rounds in this year’s draft.  If they don’t then they will need Moye and Wheaton firing on all cylinders and on the same page with Roethlisberger.