Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Tomlin Has Best Valentines Day Card


Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has some of the most interesting phrases and quips…. obviously.  Sometimes he can seem cold an aloof (sometimes lost in his own words) during his press conferences, but deep down there’s a soft spot that’s just itching to get out.   And there is that one word that he just can’t seem to help himself in saying a bajillion times during a presser.  With Valentines Day right around the corner, Pittsburgh Magazine released 10 special Pittsburgh-themed Valentines Day cards on Wednesday, and Tomlin was one of them along with the use of his favoritest of favorite words….

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin makes a case as a great Valentine with his forwardness in how he obviously feels. Would you be his Valentine this year?

Would you be Mikey’s Valentine if he asked you?  What kind of love stare is underneath those dark glasses?  His headset mic is lifted up to show that you have his fullest attention.  He knows what you like by using a black and gold heart instead of the traditional red and white.  Oh, Tomlin, you old dog you.  You obviously shouldn’t have.  Oh.  He’s even got me saying it now.

Tomlin will need to do more than send out millions of these things if he wants to win back the hearts of many in Steeler Nation.  After going 8-8 in back to back seasons, many in Steeler Nation are a little restless for change and a righting of the ship.  Tomlin & Co. have their hands full in getting this team back to a playoff contending force.  Time for Tomlin to spread the love…. with wins.

Check out Pittsburgh Magazines link (above) and find your favorite of the 10 Pittsburgh-themed cards.  Tomlin ranks right up there, but I’m going with the ‘You’re Malkin me crazy’ card.