Steelers MMQB: NFL Offseason News


July 26, 2012: Latrobe, PA, USA: Pittsburgh Steelers former defensive end Joe Greene (right) during training camp at St. Vincent College. Mandatory Credit: Vincent Pugliese-USA TODAY Sports

What We Learned This Week in the NFL Offseason:

  • Jim Harbaugh and 49ers brass not getting along after Browns confirm they tried to acquire coach
  • Notre Dame NT Louis Nix charms reporters at the Combine
  • Joe Greene presented with Lifetime Achievement Award

The NFL Scouting Combine has become a bigger event through the years. From what once was just something stat geeks and wanna be scouts enjoyed watching has now become an event all NFL fans can enjoy for so many reasons. Whether you enjoy watching the 40-yard dashes, the drills, or just the stories that come from the weekend, in my opinion it’s definitely something to keep my football fire burning through the beginning part of the offseason.

One of the most entertaining stories that has come out from Combine Weekend has been this bizarre story from the Cleveland Browns regarding their attempts to acquire head coach Jim Harbaugh from the San Francisco 49ers. While the Browns were busy telling everyone and anyone who will listen that they tried to work a deal with the Niners to get Harbaugh during their exhaustive coaching search, the Niners were busy denying it or not commenting. Basically, the Browns tried and failed, obviously, to get Harbaugh from San Francisco, but more and more is coming out that the 49ers brass actually considered their offers. You think Harbaugh throws fits now? I’d imagine the fit he would throw after given the news that he was traded to the friggin Browns? It would be epic. Then the reality would set in for Steeler Nation that we’d have to see both Harbaugh’s twice each year. Gross.

Sometimes the bigger the man, the bigger the personality. NT Louis Nix proved that this weekend when he spoke to reporters at the Scouting Combine. The defensive tackle out of Notre Dame whom many have projected will be taken by the Steelers in the first round of the NFL Draft entertained reporters when he talked about his weight loss and the fact that he “feels sexier” after dropping 23 pounds. When asked how the interviews were going he said he was starstruck by Pete Carroll and that he also spoke with Mike Tomlin. He said he thought John Harbaugh (the Ravens one, as he put it) was “kind of nice, sorta”. He said that he did enjoy his Five Guys burgers and Cajun fries but is starting to enjoy the taste of salads as well.

Steelers great and Hall of Famer Joe Greene was honored by the Fritz Pollard Alliance over the weekend with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Greene was honored to win this particular award after having been honored so many times in his life as a player and beyond, because Fritz Pollard, as he put it, “paved the way” for him. Fritz Pollard was the first African-American to play in the Rose Bowl in 1916 and was named All-American in 1920. He spent years lobbying the NFL to integrate. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2005. Greene was presented with the award by Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney, which is fitting since Rooney had Greene present him when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Congratulations Joe, I’m sure that’s not the last Lifetime Achievement Award he will be presented because his contributions to football and the Steelers cannot be celebrated and awarded enough.

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