Pittsburgh Steelers Expectations: Free Agency


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The Pittsburgh Steelers have had somewhat of a different approach to free agency this year. They made a move on the first day, signing FS Mike Mitchell to a 5 year, $25 million contract. Obviously, with that contract, he will be expected to start the next couple years. They also signed some of their own free agents back, as Cody Wallace and Greg Warren were signed to 3 and 1 year deals respectively.

I have already talked about my feelings on the Mike Mitchell sign, and if you want to know, click this link on how the Steelers secondary is coming together.  I have said all offseason, that either Fernando Velasco and/or Cody Wallace would get resigned. For the moment, Cody Wallace is the only one resigned. Wallace brings valuable depth to a position that was in dire need of it last season. Wallace can play both center and guard, and can do it well. He definitely brought some nastiness to the offensive line. The Steelers signed him to a 3 year deal, so he is looked at as the backup from here for several seasons. The Steelers obviously have faith in him to give him a 3 year deal. Another signing that won’t gather much attention is Greg Warren. To those of you who haven’t read much of my work, I am a big fan of consistency. I like when things stay the same. Greg Warren has been the definition of consistency for the special teams since he arrived in 2005. What other team can say they have had the same long snapper for 9 seasons. Greg Warren and Shaun Suisham have grown as a unit together, now all they need is a punter that will stick around.

Now what to expect throughout the rest of free agency. Many fans are expecting the Steelers to make another big splash in free agency, but I hate to tell you that’s not happening. They just don’t have the money for it. They will focus on signing low end free agents that will bolster their depth, and don’t expect them to look too far outside of the organization. Even if some of their free agents have visited other organizations, none that the Steelers would have considered bringing back have signed yet. Both Al Woods and Ziggy Hood are still free agents, and it would be a wise decision to bring one of the two back to play NT. All three of their free agent running backs are still available, and it would also be a smart move to bring one of them back.

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One can only dream, however, is if the Steelers signed Jermichael Finley. This would be a fantastic move made by the Steelers. Because of his injury, he will come cheaper than he would have before, even cheap enough for the Steelers to sign him for several years. This would be the only other big move I can see the Steelers making. I don’t expect them to go after a cornerback, I don’t expect them to go after a NT. Tight end would be the only other big move the Steelers should consider making. There are several mid level market tight ends out there, and the Steelers would be wise to pick one of them up.

Another free agent position fans have speculated about is wide receiver. The only wide receiver the Steelers will be signing this free agent period is Jerricho Cotchery. It has been brought up to me that some would like to see the Steelers go after Hakeem Nicks or Eric Decker, and let me tell you, they are out of the Steelers price range. If they were going to pay big bucks for a wide receiver, it would to be bring back Emmanuel Sanders, and that’s not happening. The Steelers have made it pretty clear that their big receiver will be brought in through the draft. So no, don’t expect anything wide receiver wise other than the signing of Jerricho Cotchery, which there is a report that they are currently working on a deal.

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