New Rules That Could Benefit/Hurt Pittsburgh Steelers

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Credit: Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Move Kick Off To 40-Yard Line

Stated Change: All kickoffs will now be performed from the 40-yard line instead of the 35-yard line.

Yes, that’s right.  Someone thinks it’s better and ‘more exciting’ for teams to kickoff from the 40 yard line.  This rule change would be just awful and benefits no one.  There will be tons of kicks that will be completely unreturnable because they will be so deep in the end zone or fly right out the back.  One of the most electric plays in football – a kick returner who starts to break out into the open – is about to get knifed in the hamstring if this rule becomes approved.  Eventually the kickoff will be eliminated altogether because someone will then point out that kicks just keep resulting in a touchback to the 20 yard line.  So instead of moving the kicks back, they will eliminate it them.  Man, someone must really hate kickoffs.  Well at least the Steelers wouldn’t have to worry about filling that roster spot out…