Steeler Nation Needs To Relax Over Lance Moore Signing

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For those who argue that he’s not a playmaker:

What defines a playmaker?  Is it always someone who scores TD’s from 50 yard bombs from their quarterback?   Can a playmaker also be someone who can do what is called for in a particular situation?  Say like a critical 3rd down that needs to be converted?  Lance Moore is one of the better wideouts in the league when it comes to third down.  Take a look at this chart made up by Steelers Depot comparing 3rd down efficiency:

Again, these numbers speak for themselves that Moore is clutch on third down.  Just about all of those numbers – rec %, first downs per reception %, even TD’s on third down are better than what Cotchery has been able to put up.  Like Cotchery in many ways, Moore is can be clutch when it comes to key situations.  He gets the first down more than half of the time he is targeted.  And look, he even tops out Hines Ward.