Steelers Morning Huddle 4/4/14


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Just when we thought things were starting to die down for the Pittsburgh Steelers, they go off and sign two more free agents. Even if they wanted to, it doesn’t seem like they could sign anyone else because of their limited cap space. Let’s take a look at what else is going on around Steeler Nation.

Top Offseason Priorities

Curt Popejoy of Bleacher Report wrote an article regarding the 5 biggest remaining priorities this offseason. He says that the Steelers need to find a change of pace back in the draft, assess the wide receiver depth, get another defensive lineman, upgrade the talent at cornerback, and address the punting situation with either a draft pick or a veteran. I agree with everything except addressing the wide receiver position. I completely agree the Steelers need to find a smaller, faster running back in the later round of the draft. The Steelers need one more defensive lineman, a defensive end that can start, upgrade the cornerback position early in the draft, and find a punter hopefully in the draft. The Steelers have addressed the wide receiver depth this offseason, also with two sophomore players in the wings.

Mock Draft

Dave Bryan of Steelers Depot reposts a mock draft that Mel Kiper Jr did for the Steelers.  He has Odell Beckham Jr going to them in the first, Louis Nix in the second, and Antone Exum in the third. First, the 15 pick is way too high for Beckham Jr. Kelvin Benjamin is a better prospect and that is almost too early of a pick for him. Second, Louis Nix will not be available when the Steelers pick in the second, he may not even make it to the second round. Third, Antone Exum has had medical problems, and cornerback will hopefully have already been addressed by then. This mock draft is very interesting to me because all three of these picks don’t make any sense what-so-ever.

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