Steelers Morning Huddle 4/11/14


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Not much has happened this past week for Steeler Nation and the Pittsburgh Steelers to praise or whine about. However, mock drafts have been rolling out the door along with draft talk. Also, a move made by another team that could affect the Steelers in a negative way.

Small School Cornerback Shopping

Dave Bryan of Steelers Depot recently wrote a post about how the Steelers have had success in finding quality cornerbacks from small name schools in the draft. He gives several small school cornerbacks that could be available later in the draft that would fit the Steelers mold, however, I personally hope that Dave Bryan is wrong in the Steelers going in that direction. The Steelers need a starting cornerback for when Ike Taylor leaves next season, and with the position being very thin already, it makes sense that the Steelers would select a cornerback in the first or second round. The only first round quality cornerbacks are Justin Gilbert and Darqueze Dennard, from Oklahoma St. and Michigan St. respectively. Both are not small school names. Dennard has a better shot at being there at #15, but if Justin Gilbert slides, expect him to be a Steeler.

Mack Gets A Payday

Gregg Rosenthal of reports today that former Browns center Alex Mack will sign a 5 year, $42 million contract offered by the Jaguars. Some would say this has no affiliation with the Steelers, but let me tell you, it does and in a big way. With Mack signing the offer sheet, he becomes the highest paid center in the game, and sets the standard for future centers in need of a new contract. One of those future centers whose contract ends at the end of the season is Maurkice Pouncey. Pouncey is regarded by some as the best center in the game. And if you’re the best center in the game, you want to get paid like it. There has been speculation that Pouncey and the Steelers will get an extension done this summer, others aren’t so enthusiastic about that idea. Another obstacle in the way is that Pouncey is coming off of a major knee injury, and the Steelers have yet to see him play and how his knee responds. More than likely, Pouncey will come cheaper than Mack because of his injury, but players are money hungry and will for sure chase it.

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