The Hard Road To The Pittsburgh Steelers: LB Glen Stanley Might Be Draft Gem


Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; General view of Radio City Music Hall during the 2013 NFL Draft. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Every so often, the Pittsburgh Steelers seem to find themselves a gem of a football player when it comes to finding undrafted rookie free agents following the conclusion of the NFL Draft.  And while the majority of Steeler Nation does not normally hear about a potential list of UFA’s, they might want to have some interest in getting to know the name Glen Stanley.

Glen Stanley is a linebacker out of Albany State located in Georgia.  Stanley finished off his college career at the small Division II school after bouncing around to six (that’s right, six) different colleges/educational institutions.  Stanley’s past has been a rough one – most of it seemingly out of his control such as coaches changing schools or sanctions placed upon others.  Even the pro day was canceled at ASU, leaving Stanley with no scouts with any impression about this young man other than some scattered film.  Yet through it all, Stanley has stayed committed to training, playing hard, and finishing his eduction to become NFL eligible.

That grit and determination might pay some dividends as he is scheduled to have a private workout and meeting with the Steelers.  It is the only workout scheduled with any teams prior to the draft.  Whatever the Steelers have on this guy must be special – Colbert must know something the rest of the NFL doesn’t.  Heck I could only find a picture of Stanley on the sports agency representing him.  They did manage to put together a nice highlight video of him:

Kevin Colbert has been known to find a fairly good undrafted rookie during his time with the Steelers.  Ramon Foster (2009), Doug Legursky (2009), Willie Parker (2004), and Dan Kreider (2000).  And who could forget the most iconic of them all – James Harrison (2002).  Will he strike gold again with Glen Stanley?  The Steelers could use the depth at the linebacker position, and Stanley could very well walk a very similar path as Harrison once did.

I doubt Stanley will stay completely under the radar before draft day.  Now that it’s being reported that he’s meeting with the Steelers, more teams are bound to schedule some time with him.  Maybe he will turn heads, maybe he won’t.  He’s not high profile enough to go early or even in the mid rounds of the draft.  He very well may just get passed on altogether and then get snatched up once the dust settles at Radio City Music Hall.

Getting signed as a UFA is just another part of that difficult path he’s already been walking.  And, maybe that will suit him just fine.