Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown Dumps Agent Rosenhaus


Oct. 29, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA; Sports agent Drew Rosenhaus on the sidelines of the game between the San Francisco 49ers against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. The 49ers defeated the Cardinals 24-3. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers top wide receiver Antonio Brown is cleaning house this offseason.  And I’m not talking spring cleaning in his house.  Brown seems to be making a commitment to cleaning out the negative garbage out of his life.  His most recent move is ousting agent Drew Rosenhaus.

Yahoo! Sports in Canada (weird, right?) reported on Monday that AB decided to part ways with agent Drew Rosenhaus.  Sources told Yahoo! that Brown is interested in  hiring Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports.  Other sources close to Brown say that nothing is set in stone and that he could change his mind – at least with signing with Roc Nation Sports, but the Rosenhaus part is a done deal.

Rosenhaus helped land AB a huge contract extension with the Pittsburgh Steelers at a time when the Steelers former wide out Mike Wallace had them in a stare down of extending his own contract.  The deal, worth $42.5 million will keep Brown in Pittsburgh through 2017.  That’s some thanks for helping ink the deal.  The firing might seem like a surprise, but in light of Brown’s recent comments, it begins to makes sense – shed the negativity for some good mojo.

Brown recently called out former teammate Ryan Clark for your basic jagoff (in not so many words) by inferring that there are Steelers who use marijuana during the season.  It’s that selfishness and disregard for being a ‘real’ teammate that Brown takes issue with and is hoping to expel that kind of thinking from the locker room.  Brown felt it was that attitude’s like Clark’s is what help make this team be an underachieving 8-8 squad two years in a row.

Rosenhaus, though not prosecuted for any wrong doings within his business dealings, is aggressive, doesn’t always play by the rules, and has been accused of fraud.  In other words, he’s a jag too.  Rosenhaus is well known for his dealings with Willis McGahee back in 2003 and then again with Terrell Owens situation back in 2005.  We don’t know what went on behind closed doors with DR, AB, and the Steelers.  But it’s clear now that Brown would like to exercise his options of doing business elsewhere.  Perhaps Roc Nation Sports (should he sign with them) would be a more positive representation for Brown.

Anything is certainly better than Rosenhaus.  Good for you, AB.