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Dec 29, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown (84) runs after a pass reception against Cleveland Browns defensive back Julian Posey (38) during the third quarter at Heinz Field. The Pittsburgh Steelers won 20-7. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

What We Learned This Week in the NFL Offseason:

  • 49ers fan suing the NFL for $50 million for not being able to buy playoff tickets
  • NFL cheerleaders have it pretty rough…I guess
  • Joe Montana and Dan Marino to play one last time in Candlestick Park
  • Steelers Antonio Brown blasts Ryan Clark

A Las Vegas man who is a San Francisco 49ers fan has filed a $50 million lawsuit against the NFL for “economic discrimination” after he was unable to buy tickets to the NFC Championship Game. He claims he tried to purchase tickets to the game, which was held in Seattle, but was unable to complete the transaction because the credit-card sales were limited to pro-Seattle markets. He’s claiming the NFL illegally discriminated against him for not having an address near the Seahawks in their attempt to promote the 12th Man home-field advantage so I guess that bummed him out so much he’s due $50 million. What’s funny to me is he seems to state that because the NFL relies on taxpayer money they shouldn’t be allowed to deny ticket sales to individuals but in my mind I’m thinking that because they rely on taxpayer money they probably should be able to offer tickets to the very tax payers who helped fund their stadiums before they have to branch out to other parts of the country. It’s a pretty common practice for playoff ticket sales to be first available to the area around the home team’s stadium before they’re available to the rest of the public. Not sure why it’s worth $50 million to this dude to have not seen his team lose the NFL Championship Game.

Must be the age for lawsuits because some Buffalo Bills cheerleaders have filed suit against the team for wage violations, uncompensated costs, and demeaning work conditions. I’m not sure at this point which lawsuit is more absurd. The “Jills” had to endure such hardships as making sure they looked nice for the games and didn’t get paid much for their part-time jobs as NFL cheerleaders. The NY Post detailed the trials and tribulations one Buffalo “Jill” had to endure, which for some reason was all in the contract she claims to have signed before starting but now, after going through the horrors of cheering for the Bills feels entitled to more compensation. I don’t claim to be a law expert by any means but coming from a fanbase that has proven how unnecessary cheerleaders are; I call BS on the whole thing.

Joe Montana and Dan Marino are set to battle one last time in the finale of Candlestick Park before the San Francisco 49ers officially move to their new stadium. The two Hall of Fame quarterbacks will play each other in a flag football game on July 12th. It’s not just Miami vs. San Francisco, it’s Notre Dame vs. Pitt, and it’s Ringgold vs. Oakland Central Catholic. Even if it’s flag football, should be a good game.

There seems to be a war of words going on between Steelers WR Antonio Brown and former Steelers now Redskins safety Ryan Clark. Brown is the first Steelers player to speak out against Clark’s comments alleging that his Steelers teammates smoked marijuana in order to manage their pain as opposed to risking becoming addicted to painkillers. Brown was critical of Clark taking a shot at the team like that to, in his opinion; just bolster his post-NFL career in broadcasting.

"“When you see things like that, it shows you how guys feel when they’re not part of the team anymore. It’s a form of bitterness or taking a shot at the team because you’re not there anymore.” – Antonio Brown"

Clark responded via Twitter, because clearly he couldn’t get to the ESPN studios in time, and said that he doesn’t harbor any ill will against Brown and he’s entitled to his opinion. I couldn’t be happier that Brown said what was on all of our minds that Clark’s comments were just unnecessary and completely self-serving. Brown, like the rest of Steeler Nation, is hoping the team can become more harmonious after consecutive 8-8 seasons now that Clark is no longer part of the locker room.

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