Steelers Morning Huddle 5/2/14


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With only a week till the draft, draft talk is soaring. Mock drafts are in their prime, trade scenarios are starting to heat up. Everything is crazy, which is what makes the draft so entertaining. I’m going to sway away from the draft and focus on some other interesting news and articles related to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Draft Gem Kelvin Beachum

If you haven’t noticed yet, I get lots of my information from Steelers Depot and am a big fan of the site. This article really shows why. Matthew Marczi of Steelers Depot wrote an article that really makes you want to root for Kelvin Beachum. Coming out of college, Beachum wasn’t even supposed to get drafted by many “experts”. He didn’t have the build to play tackle in the league, let alone left tackle. After beating the odds and getting drafted, he wasn’t supposed to make the final roster after a terrible preseason, however beat the odds again and made it. After fans cringed after hearing he would start against the Baltimore Ravens, he was supposed to fall flat on his face, yet he didn’t and played quite admirably. Coming into the 2013 season, he wasn’t supposed to start, yet he took the job away from 2nd round draft mate Mike Adams and never gave it back. Now going into this season, he is the starting left tackle. He only has to beat the odds one more time, he has to prove that he is the permanent starter, and I sure hope he does. The kid represents the Steelers wonderfully, he is the player teams can only wish to have on and off the field, climbing the obstacles in front of him since the day he was drafted. I truly hope Beachum has a future in Pittsburgh as the Steelers starting left tackle.

Praise the Rooney’s

Adding on to how great of a player Kelvin Beachum is off the field, Neal Coolong of Behind the Steel Curtain wrote an article pertaining to Kelvin Beachum backing up his owner in the wake of the Donald Sterling situation. Beachum tells us how the Rooney’s aren’t even in comparison to Donald Sterling. The Rooney’s, especially team owner Dan Rooney, are known to have a great relationship with their players, something a lot of owners in any professional sport don’t have. Just ask Ike Taylor. The players want to come to Pittsburgh because of the family atmosphere that the Rooney’s bring, and Beachum only reassures that. Steelers players should be proud of the team they represent, and all of that falls back to the Rooneys. We as Steelers fans should also be proud to support a team with some of the best owners in the business.

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