Ryan Clark Thanks Pittsburgh Steelers Fans


Ryan Clark certainly had a lot to say as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now, as a former Steeler, he still had one last thing to say to the city of Pittsburgh and the fans before beginning his new role with the Washington Redskins. Ryan Clark says “thank you” to the city and the fans in an interview with KDKA’s Bob Pompeani.

During the interview Clark reminisced about his favorite moments as a Steeler, his favorite hit; which was against Wes Welker of the Patriots, and his favorite moment watching Troy Polamalu catch an interception to secure the 2008-09 AFC Championship for the Steelers. He also contended that for the Steelers loss to Green Bay in Super Bowl XLV, the team was basically outplayed by Aaron Rodgers. Overall, however, his tone was that of gratefulness for being a part of the Steelers.

"“Was the greatest years of my life as far as sports go, to be around such good people. People that embraced me and treated me the way they did. Man, it was just beautiful. I just thank them, I thank them all. The Rooney family, I’m just so appreciative they took a guy that nobody really wanted and they gave me a shot. To the fans, just amazing to go to places and like, take over stadiums. To be in San Diego where Terrible Towels overwhelmed anything they had. The Steelers are spoiled by the fans they have, it’s just awesome. But, I think the most important things are just my friends, Ike, Troy, Will Gay – like brothers. I think that’s just hardest part of this game. I don’t want people here (Washington) to think I’m not excited about it, because I am, I really mean it. But, when I was sick, they came to the hospital. Troy cried with me. But, that’s the things I’ll miss, that’s the things I’ll remember. I’m just grateful to God that he let me be there (Pittsburgh).” – Ryan Clark"

Clark gives some seemingly heart-felt sentiments about what his eight years as part of the Pittsburgh Steelers means to him. I don’t want to not believe him or be so cynical except for the fact that I know that he taped this interview with Pompeani immediately following a Twitter-beef with Steelers WR Antonio Brown in response to some comments Brown made about Clark.

I’m glad that he ultimately has only good things to say about the organization, the city, his teammates, and the fans and I wish him nothing but the best but I’m hesitant to forget how quickly he became a sell-out for the likes of ESPN. Ryan Clark will always be best remembered in Pittsburgh for his contributions to the Super Bowl XLIII Championship team as well as the 2010 AFC Championship team. I’m glad that he ended his time in Pittsburgh on this note as opposed to the immature argument with Antonio Brown, this is a much better lasting impression.

What are your thoughts, Steeler Nation? What will you remember most about Ryan Clark and his time with the Steelers?