Steelers Morning Huddle 5/22/14


Now that the draft is over and writers/bloggers across the web have dried out the well in that department, there are a serious lack of topics to write about.  Here are a few good Steelers articles so that you don’t have to search around the web.

Ryan Clark Thanks Steelers Fans Ryan Clark took to an interview with KDKA in order to thank the Steelers organization and the fans for a great eight years in Pittsburgh.  One of his quotes that stood out the most was, “It would have to be when Troy intercepted that pass in 2008-09 AFC Championship Game and scoring basically the winning and sealing touchdown for us to go the Super Bowl. There’s no play I think about more than that.”  I can agree with him there, because I have YouTube’d that play countless times. Clark has also always been a favorite of mine ever since I went to Steelers Training Camp and the practice was rained out for the day.  Clark then proceeded to come upstairs from the locker rooms and into the book store of St. Vincent’s University.  He stayed up there for well over an hour signing autographs and taking pictures with kids.  Ever since he has wowed me with his play on the field, especially his bone crushing hits.  Perhaps my favorite Steelers memory is being in attendance at the 2008 AFC championship game and witnessing Clark’s hit on Willis McGahee.  While you never want to witness a player get seriously injured, as McGahee could have, it was an electrifying play.  I will certainly miss him in black and gold, but at least he will only be a few minutes away from my house in Ashburn.

Taylor Admits He Has a Lot To Prove At least Ike Taylor knows that he has a lot to prove following an atrocious 2013 campaign.  Here were his words when interviewing with reporters earlier in the week.  “I feel after these last 2 years, especially after last year, that I have a lot to prove.  I feel like I have more to prove than ever.”  He went on to say that he felt like he was banged up for the entire year and he was dealing with a rib injury for the second half of the season.  While we all know that Ike Taylor isn’t anywhere near the top-end cornerback that he used to be, at least he can admit it.  Taylor’s play did drop so drastically last year that it may not be completely wrong to chalk up a substantial part of that decline to injury, and while it may be wishful thinking, one shouldn’t put it completely out of their mind that he could have a bounce back season.  Just don’t count on it.