Steelers Morning Huddle 5/25/2014


Steelers season goes all year long so whether we’re breaking down free agency signings, recapping the draft choices, or looking around for mentions of your Black & Gold we’ve got you covered. Here’s what’s being said about your Pittsburgh Steelers around the block.

Steelers outlook at cornerback

Scott Brown over at ESPN is doing a post-free agency, post-draft check in on the positions on the team, with the exception of quarterback. The most talked about position for the Steelers both pre and post-draft has been cornerback. Largely considered to be their greatest need in the draft, the Steelers waited till the 5th round to address the position and instead went with other needs ahead of that. Brown explains that in his opinion, the only clear cut long-term starter on the roster at this point is Cortez Allen and that obviously the loss of Keenan Lewis to free agency even a year later still stings. Time will tell if the Steelers’ move of not addressing the cornerback position earlier in the draft will pay off.

Ex-Steeler Mike Logan weighs in on latest lawsuit

It seems like when the judge who rejected the NFL’s settlement offer to the former players who sued over the concussion issues; it kind of opened the door for further litigation. The latest lawsuit to be filed against the NFL by former players involves players alleging that they were given mass quantities of pain killers by team doctors without being warned of the side effects or against forming dependencies. Former Steeler Mike Logan says that he doesn’t feel like he was ever misled or treated negligently by former Steelers team doctor, James Bradley, according to the Trib’s Mark Kaboly.

"“They would have people on the list and scratch your name off after you got it (a shot). Dr. Bradley really looked out for you, though. He wasn’t going to give you a shot unless you really needed it. I don’t blame them for my choices.” – Mike Logan"

Logan is not part of the lawsuit and when he was asked if he had to do it all again would he have played in the NFL and taken the pain killers and he said that he wouldn’t.

Dan Rooney receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney received the Sports Business Journal’s 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award. Rooney has had lots of titles in his life since his father purchased the Steelers franchise when he was just 1 years old. In addition to literally growing up with the franchise, he was also instrumental in the AFL-NFL merger and the inception of the Rooney Rule. He’s one of the most universally respected and admired people in all of the NFL, if not sports in general. Congratulations to Mr. Rooney.